• Why must I have my tool tested before using it ?

    To be compliant with the decree dated 01/04/2004, which imposes a test under load in the presence of an approved certifying body before its first use. The user is responsible for this test but may delegate it. CIPAL, using its test equipment up to 200 tonnes, can discharge the customer of this constraint and make the product usable as soon as it arrives.

  • What is a non-bearing weld ?

    It means that the welds are used only to position the assembled parts and not to transfer force. This avoids the annual inspection of welds. This operation is also sometimes impossible on complex structures.

  • What is the advantage of a design with no load-bearing welds ?

    Assembly by welding is generally not entirely without risks. In lifting, this becomes a constraint. To eliminate this, we design differently, applying mechanical design rules that are more complex than in traditional metalwork.