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Precast floors lifting beams

We adapt ourselves to your specifications to offer you equipment solutions for handling your precast floors

All products are developed in accordance with the standards in force

Tools capable of handling the precast floor that have become crucial in building and public works :

  • Fixed or adjustable suspension systems
  • Single-beam H-shaped or frame architecture
  • Association with pulleys and slings to balance the load and avoid high stresses on the precast floors


The reversal of precast floors, either for loading or unloading, is also possible


Constructions without load-bearing welds

All of the lifting equipment are built without load-bearing welds and in accordance with European directives

CE plate and signage in riveted steel

This makes sure that the lifting equipment’s identification is permanent

Palonnier prédalle Palonnier prédalle
Palonnier prédalle

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